3 Simple Ways To Repurpose Old Tech For New Uses

anastasia-dulgier-675636What is the best way to recycle old computers and electronic waste?

Most of us love to get new new gadgets and technology. Computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets, and even household appliances all evolve so rapidly that if we don’t upgrade every year or two we feel left in the dark ages. There’s reason for that beyond just marketing buzzwords. According to Moore’s Law – a fundamental computer science theorem, computer processing power will double roughly every two years. This isn’t a problem for companies that sell tech, in fact this is what they’re counting on. This is a problem for people that are environmentally conscious. Old and outdated technology piles up in garages and closets every day, or even worse in landfills. The materials in gadgets can become toxic and dangerous if not handled and disposed of properly. But what is the proper way? This article will explain the 3 best ways to recycle old computers.

Tech and Support

Just because a gadget seems old and outdated to the original owner doesn’t mean someone else won’t value it. If a device is still in good working condition it can be donated to one of several charities so that it can find a new happy home. Organizations like World Computer Exchange and Computers with Causes accept donated computers and accessories, game consoles and other electronics. Each organization has a large network of businesses, schools, museums, libraries, parks, and nature centers that benefit from the refurbished products their donors provide. This not only helps protect the environment but also provides a boost for local economies across the globe.

DIY Your Upgrade

Those that are tech savvy and enjoy DIY projects may enjoy upgrading their old gadgets themselves. It can be fun to recycle computer parts that aren’t useful anymore and replace them with new parts to extend the life of a desktop or laptop. For most devices this will be cheaper than upgrading to the latest and greatest iteration of a device and can offer a similar upgrade in speed and processing power. Several online tech forums can offer guidance on what parts and tools are needed to upgrade your computer. YouTube videos can help walk you through the process step by step.

The Business of Computer Recycling

Several electronic recycling companies will let customers recycle old computers for cash. This can be especially helpful for offices and schools that have to recycle a lot of technology all at once. Electronic recycling companies like Bass Computers Inc. offer a completely secure process that protects any data stored on devices with their hard drive shredding and data destruction processes. Bass also provides on free consultation and on-site pickup for recycling devices to make the exchange as convenient as possible. Most items can be picked up or dropped off for Bass to recycle free of charge but some exceptions do apply so check their website for further details on which items they accept.

Once you’re ready to move on from your old technology that doesn’t mean it no longer has value. Whether it’s donating a gadget to charity, upgrading parts to extend a product’s life, or recycling old computers for cash, there are several options for next steps that keep your device out of landfills and help protect the environment.

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