Data Destruction

Old computers, laptops, servers, and other electronic equipment frequently contain proprietary and financial information of organizations and personal information of employees, patients, and customers. To be legally compliant, organizations must dispose of data containing equipment in a proper manner.  Bass Computer Recycling takes many precautions to make sure that your data is handled and destroyed in a legal and safe method. From the time your data is transported in our sealed truck to data sanitization, your data is protected.  Once the truck arrives at our location, all data containing devices are properly stored in our secure facility. The building has a metal detector, controlled access, and is under 24/7 video surveillance. We offer two methods of data disposal – data erasure and hard drive shredding.  Once the data is destroyed, Bass Computer Recycling will provide you with a Certificate of Data Destruction guaranteeing that all data has been erased or shredded. Bass complies with all HIPAA Rules and is a R2:2013 certified facility, so your organization can be assured data security is a top priority of ours.

Secure Pick Up

Scanned and Recorded

Erased or Shredded

Confirmation of Destruction

Data Erasure

Even when you erase your hard drive at the office, small traces of data still remain on the hard drive. It is imperative to use a qualified electronics recycler to properly and completely erase all information contained on the data containing device.Data erasure, also referred to as data wiping or data sanitization, uses a software to overwrite data. The software destroys all data contained on hard drives or other media containing devices by using zeros and ones to overwrite data on all sectors of the device. Our process is in accordance with NIST 800-88 and R2 guidelines. After the data sanitization is finished, your organization will receive a Certificate of Data Destruction.

Data Destruction

Hard Drive Shredding

At Bass Computer Recycling, we recognize that there are occasions when customers need the maximum-security approach to data destruction. Whether it is for legal compliance or part of ITAD policies, we want to make sure we are providing the services your organization needs. In these situations, customers have the option of hard drive shredding. Our high-quality hard drive shredder will physically destroy and crush the hard drive or other approved media device, rendering the data irretrievable. Other types of approved media include magnetic media, flash media, and optical media. In addition to off-site shredding, Bass also offers on-site hard drive shredding at your facility if required. At the end of any shred, a Certificate of Data Destruction is provided. Other services offered for additional security include remote viewing of the destruction or a video of the shredding.