IT Asset Disposal

Let Bass Computer Recycling Handle Your IT Asset Disposal

Bass Computer Recycling works with a variety of schools, corporations, small-medium businesses, and government entities to provide electronic recycling services. From initial pick-up to final disposition, our customers can feel assured that their equipment will be handled in a manner compliant with state and federal regulations. Our goal is to develop a turnkey solution that is best for our customers. Once an organization gives us a call, a member of the Bass Computer Recycling team will reach out and schedule a time to discuss an evaluation of the equipment and a plan for the disposal of their electronics. Your dedicated Electronic Recycling Specialist will be there for each step in the IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) process.

It asset Disposal

Our Process

Bass Computer Recycling’s IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) process is designed to make it easy and safe for our customers to dispose of their old technology. Once a qualified assessment of your equipment has been completed, we will schedule a day and time for pick-up or drop-off if preferred. Our company will handle your computers, laptops, servers, memory, hard drives, and many other items. Please find a full list on our Equipment Accepted page. With a wide range of services and secure protocols in place, Bass offers a variety of services to help customers meet their ITAD needs and objectives, including secure transport, proper electronics recycling or refurbishment, data destruction, and equipment tracking.

Logistics & Security

When picking up your old electronics, our team will arrive will all supplies and packaging to secure your equipment for travel. We have the ability to pack and transport all types of equipment including desktops, laptops, hard drives, servers, printers, and much more. Once the materials are loaded at your facility, the truck is sealed and the load is assigned a Seal Number. The seal is broken by a supervisor upon arrival at our facility for unloading. The trucks are equipped with GPS for tracking throughout the entire trip. We also have taken great steps to make sure your equipment is secure at our facility, including data being stored in restricted areas, cameras located throughout the premises operating 24/7, and a security guard patrolling the area from dusk to dawn. We want our customers to know that their equipment is securely handled at all times.

Asset Management & Documentation

We track your organization’s IT assets from the beginning to the end of the process. Each load is assigned a reference number at our facility, which enables us to track where the equipment is in the disposition process. All customers receive a variety of documentation as records of proper electronic recycling and data destruction. Our Certificate of Recycling verifies the weight or quantity and the type of electronic equipment received. It also guarantees the technology will be remarketed, recycled, or properly disposed. Our Certificate of Data Destruction verifies the complete destruction on all media containing data either via wipe compliant to NIST 800-88 data wiping standards or hard drive shredding. Upon request, we can also provide a complete inventory of all recycled electronics. Our electronic recycling process is designed for complete transparency and secure tracking of all equipment.

There are countless advantages to choosing Bass Computer Recycling for your IT Asset Disposal solution.  We want you to be confident in our ability to properly handle the recycling of your organization’s electronics.  Focused on minimizing waste and maximizing your return on investment, we can help with all of your IT Asset Management objectives and sustainability initiatives.

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