Accelerating Environmental Success in 2021 & Beyond

Join Cority’s Environmental experts as we celebrate the 51st Earth Day and discuss what the future holds for environmentalism – and how companies can improve environmental performance to remain competitive over the coming decades. Companies across the globe are setting ambitious net-zero carbon emissions goals, driven by pressure from both consumers and the investment community. As environmental, social and governance (ESG) benefits continue to make themselves known, companies are looking for efficient ways to create complete, accurate and timely information that demonstrates a commitment to ESG and sustainability objectives.

The fourth wave of environmentalism has arrived and brought with it new possibilities for driving greater alignment between business and environmental goals. As we see a surge in environmental interest, EHS professionals want to improve the performance of their air, water, waste and chemical management programs. From sensors to software, data analytics to machine learning, technology has made huge strides and is a valuable tool to help manage compliance, scale environmental programs, drive continuous improvement and empower better stewardship.

During this session, you will learn how:

  • Current trends are aligning business and environmental goals
  • Cority customers have successfully improved their environmental footprint
  • Technology can advance performance to a cleaner, greener future more easily and efficiently
  • EHS professionals can contribute to better ESG outcomes

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DATE: April 22, 2021
TIME: 2:00PM ET – 1:00PM CT – 11:00AM PT

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