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Why Computer Recycling is Essential for Your Business and Planet Earth

Bass MicrographicAccording to the experts at DoSomething.org, electronic waste (which can include things like old computers, hard drives, monitors and other types of equipment) currently represents approximately 2% of all trash in landfills across the United States. Despite this, it actually accounts for an incredible 70% of the total toxic waste generated in this country each year.

How Computer Recycling Protects Your Business
Regardless of the type of business you’re actually running, you depend in large part on cutting technology to give you and your team a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. Unfortunately, this often means that you’re constantly dealing with equipment like computers that have either become obsolete or that are currently woefully inadequate for your future needs. Many people don’t realize that while throwing out an old hard drive may temporarily solve your problem in that you no longer have to worry about what to do with it, it potentially creates a much bigger problem almost immediately: one of security.
The information contained on a hard drive that you throw into the garbage can still be recovered by someone who knows what they’re doing. Even if you take the steps to physically destroy the hard drive, advanced tools can still be used to access the sensitive data contained inside. This doesn’t just expose your company’s private intellectual property to those who might wish to do you harm, but it also potentially exposes private client document at the same time. These people may experience situations like identity theft, which ultimately lead back to your business and could cost you huge amounts of money by way of fines, compliance violations with organizations like HIPAA and more.
You wouldn’t have to worry about any of this if you had just made the simple decision to recycle all of your old electronics instead of throwing them away like you would any normal piece of trash.
How Computer Recycling Protects OurPlanet
According to Earth911.com, the United States leads the world in many things – including the production of electronic waste. Americans throw away an estimated 9.4 million tons every year. Despite this, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, only about 12.5% of that waste is actually recycled. Americans throw out smartphones and other mobile devices containing over $60 million in gold and silver each year, for example. Likewise, choosing to recycle a million old laptops rather than just throwing them away saves enough energy to power an incredible 3,657 homes over the course of just 365 days.



Rome wasn’t built in a day and the electronic waste problem in this country cannot be solved in the same length of time. However, the most important thing to remember is that investing in computer recycling is more than just an investment in your business – it’s an investment in the planet Earth at the same time. Remember that a huge percentage of what people commonly consider to be “e-waste” isn’t actually waste, just old electronic equipment and other types of parts that are no longer wanted. These parts can still be reused or the materials inside them can still be recovered – but only if you’re willing to do your part to contribute to the greater good. Computer recycling is the single best, most efficient way for you to do precisely that.

Making the decision to properly dispose of all your old computers and electronic waste doesn’t just protect your business – it allows you to do your part to help preserve this wonderful planet we live on at the same time. If you’re interested in learning more about computer recycling, please don’t delay – contact Bass Computer Recycling today.