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The Risks of Using an Uncertified Remarketer

When you send your old IT assets to a recycler or remarketer, it can be easy to forget about them. Unfortunately, what happens after those assets are turned over can still cause your company serious problems, if you don’t carefully choose your remarketer. Here’s why it’s so important that you pick a certified business.

The Disposal

What happens after you sell your assets? The market for used IT equipment can sometimes be unstable, and in some cases making a profitable sale is impossible. When that happens, the remarketer should have the items recycled; the device will be taken apart so that its component materials can be recycled or resold.

Labor and Environmental Liability

Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous remarketers and recyclers out there. Some IT remarketing companies throw away old equipment rather than recycling it, which can cause environmental contamination as chemicals gradually leach out. This also leads to waste of precious metals and useful parts, which then have to be mined or created from scratch, exacerbating environmental problems. Even if the device is recycled, some companies ship their waste to third-world countries, where computer recycling facilities may have problems with poor working conditions or labor abuses.

Even though the assets are no longer in your hands, your company was the original owner of the equipment, and may be held responsible for its final fate. Advocacy groups and government watchdogs are vigilant when it comes to protecting both foreign workers and the environment, and businesses that don’t do their homework before turning over their equipment may end up facing fines, penalties, or even simply damage to their reputation.

Data Breaches

Another danger you might face from unscrupulous remarketers is data theft. Even after a hard drive has been removed from a computer, it can still be read, and some experts can recover information from hard drives that have been magnetized, scratched, or otherwise unprofessionally destroyed. If you have reason to worry about the security of your data, having the drives professionally destroyed is a must.

R2 Certification

So how do you protect yourself? Make absolutely sure that the remarketer you’re working with has R2 certification. This is an industry standard qualification, which requires companies to ensure that none of their materials ever end up in a landfill. They also must make sure and that all businesses downstream from them comply with environmental, labor, and security regulations, which means that a remarketer can’t give your old assets to a recycler that breaks the rules.
When it comes to proper IT asset disposal, finding a certified remarketer is absolutely critical. Contact us at Bass Computer Recycling to find out more about how our R2 certification keeps you safe.

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