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IT Asset Disposal

At Bass Computer Recycling (BCI), we assist organizations of all sizes to develop and implement an IT asset management strategy. We focus on generating minimum waste and maximizing your return on investment. With a wide range of services available, Bass Computer Recycling (BCI) focuses on helping customers meet their IT asset management objectives and sustainability initiatives. We offer customized business-to-business solutions that are both fiscally and environmentally responsible.

Customized Tracking and Reporting Capabilities

Our IT Asset Management process allows us to track the equipment from your facility to ours with our GPS Truck-Tracking system. Once the truck arrives at our facility, the equipment is tagged for seamless tracking and accountability. After the equipment is processed, electronics are either tested for potential remarketing or de-manufactured for recycling. We remove all asset tags prior to refurbishing or recycling your equipment. Once we receive your equipment, we take responsibility for its proper disposal. All equipment is diligently tracked from start-to-finish to ensure proper handling at all phases of the process. Our customers can trust that their end-of-life equipment will not end up in a landfill.

Organizations will receive the following documentation in accordance with their corporate and IT asset disposition requirements to verify proper disposal and chain-of-custody:

-Certificate of Recycling – Documentation verifying the weight or quantity of equipment received, the type of equipment received, and a guarantee that the equipment will be recycled, reused or remarketed

-Certificate of Data Destruction – Documentation verifying the complete destruction of data on all media received either via DOD 3-pass drive wipe or destruction

-Audit Reports (upon request) – Detailed list of all equipment received, including manufacturer, model number, asset tag number and serial number

-Visual Verification (upon request) – Customers can schedule an online viewing of their equipment being processed or receive a digital copy of the processing

Depending on the amount of your equipment and the frequency of pick-ups, Bass Computer Recycling (BCI) can provide your organization with online access to all your IT Asset Management documents.  As a qualifying customer, you have instant access to all of your electronic documents from anywhere you have Internet access. Your organization can search documents by:

-Document Type
-Pick-Up Date
-Manifest Number

The following documents are available through the portal in PDF form:

-Certificate of Data Destruction
-Certificate of Recycling
-Credit Memo
-Equipment Inventory
-Payments (checks)
-Pick-Up Sheets
-Summary Report
-Quarterly Report

Bass Computer Recycling (BCI) IT Asset Management Services Include:

-Data Erasure and Destruction Services
-Hard Drive and Media Shredding
-Refurbishment & Resale of Computer Equipment
-Free On-Site Estimates
-Environmental Compliance and Reporting
-De-manufacturing of Electronics
-Electronics Recycling Services
-Money back or credit towards the purchase of new technology based on the value of the equipment

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