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Solvents, paints and bulbs were mismanaged


Here’s a recent EPA enforcement action.

Company: MI Metals, Millersburg, PA.

Business: Metal fabrication.

Penalty: $58,816.

Reasons for penalty: MI Metals didn’t follow basic Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) rules for handling caustic cleaning solvents and waste paints. EPA cited the firm for not:

·         keeping hazardous waste storage containers closed

·         having an engineer test a hazwaste storage tank

·         managing universal waste such as burned out fluorescent lamps that contain mercury, and

·         providing secondary containment to capture spills.

In your world, you know that staying up to date on EPA regs and enforcement efforts is no walk in the park, which is why access to the best Environmental resources, all in one place, is a lifeline that you can’t afford to be without.